Spinach | eating vegan on a budget

Eating Vegan On A Budget

A few weeks ago I had a question from one of my readers about eating vegan on a budget, which got me thinking about all the ways that I save money on food. Being a vegan can be expensive, especially if you want to buy mostly organic produce, and there's all those tempting (and pricey) superfoods available these days. Here's how I feed my vegan family of 5 for about $150 each week. Grow your own vegetables Growing your own vegetables is extremely satisfying, and it can be pretty easy too. I aim … [Read More...]

Mexican Pizza | Vie De La Vegan

Mexican Pizza

Today's VeganMoFo prompt is: 30. Fusion Challenge! For my fusion challenge, I decided to make things easy and simply combine two of my favourite cuisines: Italian and Mexican. My favourite Italian dish? Pizza, of course. And my favourite Mexican dish? Nachos <3 So I combined them. Well, I made a Mexican pizza...with ingredients inspired by what I would normally use for nachos. Two of my favourite meals in one? YES PLEASE! Homemade pizza crust, topped with mashed avocado, … [Read More...]

Nachos with 3 bean chilli | Vie De La Vegan

Vegan Nachos with 3 Bean Chilli

Today's VeganMoFo prompt is: 25. Share your favourite cuisine. Last week I shared what I would makeĀ if Barack Obama came over to sample my fine vegan food. I mentioned I would make nachos (as I discovered he is a big fan of Mexican foods) and for dessert, a strawberry nicecream topped with chocolate covered macadamias. And I promised I would share the recipe for the nachos at a later date. Well, here it is :) Vegan nachos are my all-time favourite meal. I remember my mother making … [Read More...]

Strawberry galette | gluten free, refined sugar free, vegan | Vie De La Vegan

Strawberry galette

Today's VeganMoFo prompt is: 23. Autumn equinox eats. Well, right now in the southern hemisphere it's the spring equinox, so it would be more fitting to write about some spring equinox eats :D so today I'm bringing you this sweet spring tart, a strawberry galette. I've fallen in love with making galettes this year. What's a galette, I hear you asking? Basically, it's a free-form tart. I love making rustic dishes like this...I hate making perfect pastries, I have no patience. That's why … [Read More...]

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