Heart shaped pizza, perfect for Valentine's Day! Lentil crust topped with beet spread and fresh vegetables. Vegan and gluten free.

Heart Shaped Pizza & Balsamic Beet Spread

Heart shaped pizza with a pretty pink balsamic beet spread <3 Valentine's Day is just a few days away! It's not something that we really celebrate in our house, I never expect flowers or chocolates from my husband - don't get me wrong, we are madly in love (even after nearly 9 years!) - but Valentine's Day just isn't something we do. If you love someone, you shouldn't just give them flowers on one day of the year - what makes Valentine's Day so different from any other day? So what we lack … [Read More...]

Raw chocolate cookies | just 4 ingredients | raw vegan, gluten free, refined sugar free

Raw chocolate cookies

I've been meaning to share this recipe all week but life has been crazy busy all of a sudden. But I assure you, these raw chocolate cookies have been worth the wait. Just 4 ingredients for easy, delicious raw cookies! Raw chocolate cookies I posted the original photo on Instagram earlier this week with the intention of saving the recipe for my next ebook (something along the lines of recipes for healthy, refined-sugar free snacks) but later I decided to share the recipe anyway. I like to share … [Read More...]

Mint Pomegranate Raw Cake | raw vegan, gluten free, refined sugar free

Mint Pomegranate Raw Cake

I've been really into pomegranates lately - crunchy, juicy, sweet little rubies. Anybody else obsessed with this delicious fruit?¬†Cracking into a pomegranate the other week, I knew I had to use pomegranate in a raw cake...I became obsessed with creating a delicious raw dessert featuring these yummy juicy pomegranate arils. Mint & pomegranate raw cake I actually started out making an orange & pomegranate raw cake (you might have seen the photo on Instagram?) and while it tasted nice, … [Read More...]

Raw lamington balls | vegan, refined sugar free, gluten free

Raw Lamington Balls

Today is Australia Day, which to me means a day to eat Aussie food. Pies (check out these No Meat Pies by Chunky On Chia!), pavlova, ANZAC biscuits and lamingtons are a few Aussie foods that come to mind, and this year I thought I'd share a recipe for raw lamington balls. Raw lamington balls Traditionally, lamingtons are squares of sponge cake coated in chocolate and dessicated coconut. Sometimes there's two layers of sponge stuck together with jam, although in my limited experience of … [Read More...]

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