Garam masala wedges | Vie De La Vegan

Garam Masala Spiced Wedges

Ahh wedges. They are so much fancier than potato chips (or fries, if that's what you call them). Whenever presented with the option, I would always opt for wedges. There's just something above that crisp, flavourful coating. They make regular fries seem bland! I made these wedges recently as something a bit different to go with our dinner. It was just one of those spur of the moment things - as I scanned my spice rack, I thought, how nice would garam masala wedges be?! I love garam masala, … [Read More...]

Green Pina Colada Smoothie | Vie De La Vegan

Greener Colada Smoothie

I used to love cocktails, back in the day. I don't drink much alcohol these days, but the other night I made some pina coladas for my husband and I to sip while we played Scrabble. Yes, we actually own board games and regularly play them! How old fashioned, haha. The next day, I felt like a non-alcoholic pina colada. I decided to recreate the pina colada, green smoothie style. I used homemade coconut milk, which I made by soaking 1 cup shredded coconut in 4 cups hot water for about 30 … [Read More...]


Free From Fridays Link-up

This week I am guest hosting #Freefromfridays, a regular linky on featuring free from recipes from across the web. Emma from FreeFromFarmhouse has just welcomed her new baby daughter into the world this week, so I am helping her out by hosting the linky today :) I have been joining up with the weekly #Freefromfridays linky for a while now. I personally love finding new recipes each week that are free from meat, dairy and eggs, like this delicious Strawberry … [Read More...]

Beet fennel smoothie | Vie De La Vegan

Beet & Fennel Smoothie

So last week I posted this pumpkin & fennel soup and I wondered how fennel would taste in a smoothie. I enjoy the licorice flavour of fennel, so I thought it would be a tasty addition to a smoothie! And I was right (don't you just love it when you're right?). This smoothie had the perfect amount of sweetness with the bonus of a subtle hint of licorice. Plus, the beetroot gave it the most beautiful shade of dark pink. Another thing I enjoyed about this smoothie was the chewy texture - … [Read More...]

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