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Veggie Noodle Soup

I have been taking things easy lately. I've come down with a cold and taken it as a sign that I just need to slow down. I don't need to be a supermum - I don't need to write a new blog post everyday - heck, I don't even need to keep up with the laundry or dishes or constantly be cooking amazing meals. Sometimes, you just need to look after yourself... So one way I looked after myself was by making this steaming hot veggie noodle soup. You know when you're sick and the "ultimate" remedy is … [Read More...]


Why I Am Raising Vegan Children

Recently, the beautiful Angela at Oh She Glows posted about whether she was raising her daughter on a vegan diet or not. Her post created a bit of controversy - Angela is a vegan, her husband is an omnivore, so what is the "right" answer for their child? They have decided to not label their daughter's diet and let her eat how she chooses. I can completely relate with Angela here - my husband is an omnivore too, and I started with the same approach to my first son's diet. I'd like to share with … [Read More...]

Mint-matcha icecream. A refreshing dairy-free treat! | Vie De La Vegan

Mint-Matcha Icecream

I was so excited when I received a packet of Matcha Maiden's Mix n Matcha blend in the mail recently! I have been seeing mouthwatering, healthy, green-tinted recipes EVERYWHERE using matcha I had the chance to make some myself! Matcha Maiden's matcha powder is made from Japanese certified organic stone-ground green tea leaves, and can contain as much as 137 times the amount of antioxidants found in brewed green tea. Matcha powder offers a lot of health benefits … [Read More...]

Food Blogger Friday: How To Write Recipes | Vie De La Vegan

Food Blogger Friday: How To Write Recipes

Have you been following along with my Food Blogger Friday series? I'm hoping to help other food bloggers by sharing my knowledge. So far we've covered: Choosing a domain for your blog Choosing hosting for your blog Manual installation of Wordpress Wordpress themes and plugins How to develop recipes And now today we will cover how to write recipes that are easy to understand. To be honest, sometimes I look at recipes on blogs but they are so long-winded that I just look at the … [Read More...]

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