Black Forest Pancakes - my favourite #vegan pancakes!

Black Forest Pancakes [Vegan, Refined Sugar Free]

I have been thinking about black forest pancakes since this time last year, and finally got around to making them after I bought a punnet of cherries this week. Oh my goodness. These pancakes were soooooo good. Especially layered with a thickened coconut cream. Oh my. Just look at those layers! And the cream! The generous layers of cream made these black forest pancakes moist - you know how sometimes a stack of pancakes can be quite dry? I love to layer mine with fruit, nicecream, syrup, … [Read More...]

Tips for raising vegan children

Raising Vegan Children: How To Explain About Non-Vegans

Thank you to everyone who filled out my reader survey over the past month! If you haven't filled it out (it's super quick, just 3 questions), it's still open - I have been really enjoying all the feedback and getting to know YOU! You can take the survey here. One thing that a reader asked me about was: How to explain why other people chose not to be vegan (since it is so obvious to kids, right). Any tips? Experiences? I actually had one of these experiences just this weekend. My 3 year … [Read More...]

Grilled banana split | healthy vegan dessert

Vegan Grilled Banana Split

I was feeling like a cool summery dessert to chill us out (we're currently having a heatwave here in Australia). Banana split was a favourite dessert of mine when I was a child, but I felt like changing it up a bit. So, this grilled banana split was born. The tastiest banana split Grilled banana halves. Homemade creamy coconut icecream. Sugar-free chocolate drizzle. A sprinkle of chopped walnuts. It was a shame I only made this recipe large enough for 4 servings, because we ALL wanted … [Read More...]

Plant Powered Families Giveaway & Review

Nicer Krispie Squares + Plant Powered Families GIVEAWAY

I'm really excited to be giving away a copy of Dreena Burton's Plant Powered Families! I have been thoroughly enjoying this cookbook over these past few weeks, and so have the rest of my family. My 6 year old is constantly asking me, "Can we make something from the new cookbook?" - definitely a good sign :D What I loved You might know Dreena Burton already. I absolutely love Dreena's recipes. I first got hooked when I borrowed "Eat, Drink & Be Vegan" from my local library a few years ago … [Read More...]

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