Portable vegan picnic salad | Vie De La Vegan

Portable Vegan Picnic Salad

I had the pleasure of hosting lunch yesterday for two of my friends from high school. (Hello Helen and Ellen, if you're stalking my blog ;) ) Originally I had planned for us to have a picnic lunch, but the weather had other plans; it was a dreary cold afternoon with drizzles of rain. Not picnic weather at all! But I still made vegan picnic food. I found a recipe for this "portable salad" in a vegetarian recipe book, Vegetarian Cooking & Vegetable Classics¬†[ <- affiliate link], ¬†that … [Read More...]

Slow Cooker BBQ Baked Beans | Vie De La Vegan

Slow Cooker BBQ Baked Beans

Well hello there :) it's been a while since I've written a blog post...I decided to step back for a few weeks while I sorted out where exactly I want to go with my blog. Blogging seems easy, at first - sure, you can commit to writing a blog post with a mouthwatering recipe a few times a week. It's not rocket science! But now that I've been blogging regularly for nearly a year, I'm starting to doubt myself...are my recipes really that great? Am I deluding myself that I make a decent income … [Read More...]

Veggie Noodle Soup | Vie De La Vegan

Veggie Noodle Soup

I have been taking things easy lately. I've come down with a cold and taken it as a sign that I just need to slow down. I don't need to be a supermum - I don't need to write a new blog post everyday - heck, I don't even need to keep up with the laundry or dishes or constantly be cooking amazing meals. Sometimes, you just need to look after yourself... So one way I looked after myself was by making this steaming hot veggie noodle soup. You know when you're sick and the "ultimate" remedy is … [Read More...]


Why I Am Raising Vegan Children

Recently, the beautiful Angela at Oh She Glows posted about whether she was raising her daughter on a vegan diet or not. Her post created a bit of controversy - Angela is a vegan, her husband is an omnivore, so what is the "right" answer for their child? They have decided to not label their daughter's diet and let her eat how she chooses. I can completely relate with Angela here - my husband is an omnivore too, and I started with the same approach to my first son's diet. I'd like to share with … [Read More...]

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