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Chocolate Acai Raw Cake | raw vegan, gluten free, refined sugar free |

Chocolate Acai Raw Cake

Making and decorating raw cakes is so fun and therapeutic – it can be time-consuming, but it really is a labour of love. Chocolate acai raw cake This raw cake features a chocolate base, and a creamy acai filling. Acai, in case you didn’t know, is a purple berry superfood! It is extremely high in …


Mummied Bananas

We are getting into the Halloween spirit here at the Vie De La Vegan household. Halloween isn’t a widely celebrated event here in Australia, but being as interested in the supernatural world These mummied bananas were an easy and healthy dessert we made together. Just 3 ingredients (and 2 of the ingredients are fruit). And …


Raw Apple Pie in a Jar

Raw apple pie, served in a jar, with luscious coconut cream on top <3 Raw apple pie One thing that I just could not get out of my head for this salad jar competition was that I NEEDED TO USE MY SPIRALISER. Seriously, it’s just collecting dust at the top of my pantry, which is …

Raw Vegan Mango Cheesecake at

Raw Vegan Mango Cheesecake

I made a pretty basic modification to my 5 ingredient lemon cheesecake – I left out the lemon and added mango. And that’s it. Just almonds and medjool dates for the base, and mango, bananas and coconut oil for the cheesecake. It sounds pretty stupid calling it a cheesecake actually, it doesn’t even resemble cheese …


Vegan Grilled Banana Split

Grilled banana halves. Homemade creamy coconut icecream. Sugar-free chocolate drizzle. A sprinkle of chopped walnuts. (Full disclaimer: we actually ate this for lunch. Such is the life for my little recipe testers 😀 ) By the way, apologies for the melty icecream photos…it probably was not the best idea to make this for photography purposes …


Raw Choc Beet Cake

Chocolate and beetroot are like best friends. They always have a good time when they hang out together! (Actually, chocolate seems to be friends with everything…orange, strawberries, bananas, macadamias, even chilli…). Chocolate and beetroot really had a fun time in this raw choc beet cake 😀 First, there’s the chocolatey base. It’s topped with a …


Mint Pomegranate Raw Cake

I’ve been really into pomegranates lately – crunchy, juicy, sweet little rubies. Anybody else obsessed with this delicious fruit? Cracking into a pomegranate the other week, I knew I had to use pomegranate in a raw cake…I became obsessed with creating a delicious raw dessert featuring these yummy juicy pomegranate arils. Mint & pomegranate raw cake …