Smoothie Bowl Feathering Tutorial

I kept this smoothie bowl really simplistic (in terms of ingredients used) but guys, feel free to make any smoothie you like to turn it into a fun smoothie bowl. But you’ll want to use chilled (not frozen) fruit/veg, and some liquid, because you need the smoothie to be runny. In the video below, I made my smoothie a bit tooooo runny (oops!) but if it’s too thick, you will have difficulty getting the feathering technique to work how you want it to.

I like to start off with a light coloured “base” colour, so I can just add some greens powder or cacao powder or a vibrantly coloured fruit/vegetable to make a second colour. In the video, you’ll see I firstly add some supergreens powder to get the green colour, and then I added cacao powder to get the brown(ish) colour.

You’ll also probably notice that the edges of the smoothie bowl aren’t very neat! This is why I like to place food around the edge of the bowl, to hide those messy bits 😉