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Greetings from the heart of Vie De La Vegan, where each dish we share is a chapter in a larger story of discovery, wellness, and the transformative power of a plant-based diet. My name is Julia, and I am thrilled to be your guide on this delightful culinary adventure.

The Journey Begins

My story starts not in the confines of a kitchen but amidst the vibrant landscapes and rich culinary traditions of the Mediterranean. It was there, wandering through bustling streets and local markets, that I uncovered the true essence of food: fresh, simple, and deeply connected to the earth. This pivotal discovery became the cornerstone of Vie De La Vegan, a platform dedicated to exploring and sharing the wonders of plant-based living.

Having honed my skills at the Escoffier School of Culinary Arts and enriched my knowledge through a specialized course at eCornell University, I stand today as a testament to living a life aligned with my values. Certified in fitness nutrition by the American Fitness Professionals & Associates, I specialize in the rich and compassionate world of vegan nutrition. With my dietician training and over a decade of experience, I have gained profound insights into food and health. This training has equipped me to guide others toward healthier, more sustainable lifestyles.

Starting my own plant-based journey was a new chapter for me—a path of learning and growth filled with both challenges and victories. This personal experience has shown me how crucial it is to begin your journey towards plant richness, no matter where you are starting from.

Vie De La Vegan: A Culinary Odyssey

Vie De La Vegan is more than a collection of recipes; it’s a testament to the lifestyle’s vibrant spirit and boundless possibilities. From the sun-drenched shores of the Mediterranean to the cozy confines of my Florida kitchen, each recipe is a love letter to the ingredients that make plant-based cooking a joyous affair.

Here, we celebrate the diversity of plant-based living. Whether you’ve embraced veganism wholeheartedly, are taking your first steps as a vegetarian, or simply wish to incorporate more greens into your diet, Vie De La Vegan is your sanctuary. Our mission is to inspire, educate, and empower you to make plants the foundation of your lifestyle, one delicious bite at a time.

Where To Start?

Here’s how you can dive deep into our green and vibrant world:

  • Explore Our Philosophy: Begin by understanding the heart of our mission. Learn about our approach to vegan living, sustainability, and wellness in our detailed Philosophy section.
  • Delve into Delicious Recipes: Visit our Recipes hub, where you can filter through an array of vegan delights by category, dietary preference, or even key ingredients. We pride ourselves on crafting recipes that are not only innovative but also foolproof, thanks to rigorous testing.
  • Master Vegan Meal Prep: Save precious time and embrace efficiency with our Meal Prep guides. From instructional articles to engaging videos, we cover everything to make meal prepping a breeze. Plus, our nationally acclaimed cookbook on Healthy Meal Prep is packed with tips to revolutionize your kitchen habits.
  • Back to Basics: Sometimes, simplicity is key. Discover how mastering a few foundational recipes by diet like sugar-free, gluten-free and oil-free can elevate your vegan cooking. These basic recipes are gateways to creativity in the kitchen and can transform your daily meals.


I believe in the power of plant-based living. It’s more than a diet; it’s a lifestyle that honors our health, the environment, and all living beings. My approach to veganism goes beyond nutrition—it’s about making ethical choices that reflect our commitment to a better world. Every plant-based meal is an opportunity to nourish ourselves responsibly and compassionately.


Thank you for diving into my journey. I’m thrilled you’ve come this far, and I’m eager to connect with you!

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