Image Credits

Vie de la Vegan values the importance of visual content and acknowledges the contributions of photographers and creators. This section outlines the attribution for images used throughout our website.

Attribution Guidelines

  • Sourced Images: All images not produced in-house are credited to their respective owners or the appropriate stock image websites under their licensing agreements.
  • Creative Commons Images: Images licensed under Creative Commons are attributed according to the specific requirements of the license.

Image Sources

  • In-House Photography: Images created by the Vie de la Vegan team.
  • Stock Images: Licensed images from stock photography websites with appropriate licenses for use.
  • Contributed Images: Images contributed by our community members or guest writers are used with permission.


We extend our gratitude to the talented photographers and creators whose work enhances the quality and appeal of Vie de la Vegan. Their contributions are invaluable to our mission of promoting a vegan lifestyle.

Contact For Image Credits

If you believe an image needs to be properly credited or wish to inquire about the sources of any images on our website, please contact us. We are committed to resolving any concerns promptly and ensuring proper attribution.