Are Tortilla Chips Vegan?

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Let’s cut to the chase – yes, tortilla chips are vegan. They are made from flour, water, oil, and seasonings, so they’re naturally vegan.

Perhaps you have recently decided to start a vegan diet, and are thinking about buying some vegan tortilla chips next time you go to the grocery store but aren’t sure which ones are suitable for your new eating regimen.

In efforts to help you decide on a nutritious snack, let’s talk details about tortilla chips, and then dive into some vegan tortilla chip brands that you never knew were vegan..

Are Tortilla Chips Vegan?

Let’s first examine how tortilla chips are actually vegan.

Most of the time, tortillas are made from a simple recipe of flour, water, oil, and seasonings.

Tortilla chips are simply wedges cut from a tortilla that is baked or fried.

Now the type of tortilla can vary from maiz or corn, to wheat, to rice. But the most common tortilla chip is made from corn, as tortillas were traditionally made from maiz.

So, they are inherently a vegan food.

How to tell if Tortilla Chips aren’t Vegan

Do know that some brands of tortilla chips have been flavored with non-vegan animal products such as cheese and milk powder, and sprayed with chemicals like food dyes that have been tested on animals. So, there are definitely some tortilla chip brands that aren’t vegan on the shelves to look out for.

If your bag of tortilla chips has any ingredients like cheese, lactose, casein, milk or milk powder, lactic acid, whey, or gelatin, they’re not vegan.

A quick way to check to see if your chips are vegan is to look on the label on the back of the bag and see if it says anything along the lines of “Allergen Warning: May contain milk products.” This is your sign that it’s not vegan.

Companies will also likely write on the label if the product was made in a facility where food items that do contain milk are also processed. So, if you’re a strict vegan, you’re better off avoiding products that are at risk for cross-contact contamination with milk.

The safest option is to look for a brand of tortilla chips that are plain. Thats a surefire way to know your chips are going to be vegan. You could always spice them up with something when you get home, like a few salt sprinkles or a drizzle freshly squeezed lime juice.

Now, without any further ado, let’s introduce some tortilla chip bands that you might not have ever guessed are vegan.

Doritos Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos

These sweet savory and spicy at the same time tortilla chips pair nicely with fresh guacamole and diced tomatoes. If you really want to do it up, you could garnish your chips with some fresh cilantro and lemon juice.


For more information about vegan vs. non-vegan Doritos, visit this link:

Life Plentils Tortilla Chips

Made with lentils and comes in six different flavors, including sea salt, Thai chili lime, dill and sour cream, Margherita pizza, Moroccan spice, and garlic and parmesan (though this one isn’t vegan) flavors.


Fritos Original Corn Chips

If you want to transform your vegan bowl of chili and add an old school crunch factor.. Consider snacking on some vegan Fritos corn tortilla chips. Or, you could just munch on these corn chips Fritos by themselves.

Frito Lay chips

Indian Life Chips 

This brand of unique vegan tortilla chips has samosa, palak, and masala flavors available. 

Indian Chips

Tostitos Scoop Tortilla Chips

Frito lay company has a pretty basic recipe for these yummy vegan tortilla chips ..corn, vegetable oil, and salt. That’s it!

Tostitos Chips

Late July Bacon Habanero Tortilla Chips

The name on these corn tortilla chips may be misleading, but we assure you there are no bacon or animal products in this chip recipe. These plant-based chips are organic and made from non-GMO yellow corn.

Late July Bacon Habanero Chips

Earth Balance Vegan Cheddar Kettle Chips 

If you’re looking for a vegan tortilla chip that has a cheesy taste, you might consider this brand, as it has a sharp cheddar taste without the animal cruelty.

Earth Balance Cheddar Chips

Buffalo Wing Pringles

This may almost be a longshot – however, we will say that buffalo wing pringles are a tasty vegan tortilla chip option. These tortilla chips may come out of a can, but no one says we can’t classify them as a tortilla chip. Yes- we’ll say again that these buffalo chips are ok to have on a vegan diet.

Buffalo Wing Pringles

Barbecue Ruffle Chips

If you’re craving barbeque flavor, but don’t feel like cranking up the grill, you might want to give these Ruffles potato chips a whirl. These barbecue chips are delicious dipped in sour cream, and if you’re vegan, you might consider making your own favorite vegan-friendly dip.

BBQ Ruffles

Earth Balance Vegan Sour Cream and Onion Potato Chips 

These plant-based potato crisps are one that many vegans love.

Earth Balance Chips

Garden of Eatin’ Homemade Blue Corn Tortilla Chips

This vegan chip is a pretty simple recipe – organic Blue Corn, organic pressed safflower or sunflower oil, and salt.

Garden of Eatin Blue Corn Tortilla Chips

Santitas Totopos Tortilla Chips

These vegan chips are affordable and yummy..try popping these in the oven for a few minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for a warm snack food.

Santitas Tortilla Chips

If you’re ever curious to know more info about the ingredients in your bag of chips or want to make sure your chips are totally vegan, you can always send an email to the company.

Whether you prefer a flavored tortilla chip, corn tortilla chips, spicy sweet chili Doritos, or potato chips, when is there not a good time to snack on yummy, satiating tortilla chips?


There are more than just a few vegan tortilla chip brands to choose from, and you can always opt to make your own chips (and salsa!). If you and that one family member have been hanging out a lot during these Quarantine times and have been thinking about taste testing different vegan tortilla chips while watching your favorite re-run, now is the time!

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