Vegan Spam: The Healthy Choice

Vegan Spam: The Healthy Choice

In this article, we’re checking out a food variety that might be the last product you’d think of when you think vegan – Spam! That’s right, the classic processed luncheon meat is now available in vegan options. We’ll be checking out an exciting new development in the vegan community, and also outline some potential alternatives.


You are surely familiar with this classic product, but there’s a good chance you’ve been too afraid to actually try it yourself. Before we can talk vegan Spam, let’s take a look at what Spam itself actually is.

Spam was developed in 1937 by Hormel Foods. A type of canned cooked pork, which was designed to last for long periods of time. It specifically gained popularity during WWII, due to its ability to remain fresh, as well as its high protein content, fat content, and taste.

Spam’s main ingredients are pork (with added ham), salt water, potato starch, and sodium nitrate (to preserve).

There’s no denying that Spam has earned a reputation of notoriety. It is popular mostly for its lack of nutritional content (specifically its high sodium content, and its abundance of preservatives). Many also view it as, well, gross!

That being said, it’s also hard to deny its popularity. It still sells incredibly well, and you’ll still find it in recipes around the world. So, if you’re a vegan and you’re looking for spam, you might be in luck.

Is There Vegan Spam?

Yes, there is a brand of vegan “spam” which was recently introduced. The only problem might be its accessibility! As of now, it is only available in the Asian market.

The product in question is OMNIPORK Luncheon, a vegan spam imitation product developed by the popular Hong Kong vegan brand OmniFoods.

OMNIPORK was launched in 2018, and has since taken the Asian market (and parts of the world) by storm! OMNIPORK was developed by a team of food-scientists in Canada as a vegan substitute for pork products. It is made from a proprietary blend of plant-based protein (including pea protein, soy protein, shiitake mushroom protein, and rice protein). It contains 0g of saturated fat and 0mg of cholesterol.

OMNIPORK’s success led to new products being developed, including OMNIPORK Strips, OMNIPORK Buns, and OMNIPORK Dumplings. And, most recently, OMNIPORK Spam!

The OMNIPORK Spam was so successful that they are planning expansion, and it is scheduled to hit the European market in early 2021. Depending on its success, there might be further expansion in the future.

Let’s take a closer look at this revolutionary vegan product.

1. OMNIPORK Luncheon

OMNIPORK Luncheon takes OMNIPORK’s plant-based pork formula and applies it to the world’s best-selling pork product – Spam!

The luncheon blend is specifically designed to address the health issues that are commonly associated with Spam. Most notably, this product contains 0mg cholesterol, is rich in protein, potassium, and calcium. It is lower in calories, total fat, and sodium than traditional Spam.

On top of all this, it’s cruelty-free, non-GMO, with no added-hormones or MSG.

And, perhaps most importantly, it tastes like Spam! OMNIPORK products gained popularity with their ability to effectively mimic the taste of real pork, and their specific blend of flavors and textures is able to accurately capture the real deal. Or so we’ve been told, as this product is not yet available on the North American market!

Regardless, as of yet, this is the only official vegan Spam product on the market. Due to its massive success, it’s safe to assume that it will continue its aggressive expansion, so you might get an opportunity to try this wonder product.

Are There Other Types of Vegan Spam?

We understand that the last section was a little unsatisfying (unless you live in a region where OMNIPORK is readily available). In this section, we’ll try to solve that problem by giving you the closest substitutions for vegan Spam. These might not replicate the real thing, but they’re as close as we could find: 

2. Beyond Breakfast Sausage  

Beyond Breakfast Sausage is a vegan pork alternative from Beyond Meats, the popular vegan meat-substitute brand.

Beyond Meat has grown in popularity in recent years, and they’re bringing their award-winning plant-based formula to vegan breakfast sausage patties. These patties are juicy, delicious, and packed with plant-based protein. They effectively mimic real sausage, but the question is whether they effectively mimic Spam?

As far as vegan products go, these are pretty close to Spam. They are vegan pork patties, and work well on sandwiches. They certainly lack the famous “processed” taste of Spam, but many would certainly consider that a good thing!

Either way, it’s a vegan pork option, which is surprisingly hard to find.

3. Deli Slices

This one’s a bit of a stretch. But might work if you’re in a pinch. These are Tofurky deli slices – tofu-based vegan “turkey” slices.

We know, Spam is a ham product, not turkey. But since Spam is also a “luncheon” meat, we thought these might be a suitable substitute for sandwiches.

It’s really up to you! We think these are rather tasty either way, and you might enjoy them on a sandwich regardless. Or you might just prefer a more traditional vegan sandwich.


Thanks for reading through our guide to vegan Spam. It might not be the first product that springs “vegan” to mind, but the rise in popularity of this lifestyle means that everything is getting its own vegan option. While you’re waiting for OMNIPORK to hit shelves in your area, you might want to consider a different vegan substitute that we outlined above!

But, if only vegan Spam will do, you may have to look elsewhere if you want a vegan snack!