Green Vibrance Review: Is it Worth The Price?

Green Vibrance Review: Is it Worth The Price?

Today, we’re checking out one of the top green powders on the market – Green Vibrance. Green Vibrance is a popular product in this space for many reasons.

We’ll start with a full outline of the green supplement as well as some factors to consider when making your decision, and round out the article by looking at the top alternatives on the market.

Green Vibrance is an impressive green powder. It is one of the most popular, best-selling super green powders on the market and owes a lot of this popularity to the extensiveness of its ingredients list. Let’s break down this powder to see what you can expect.

The Ingredients

The most notable feature of Green Vibrance is everything that it packs into its formula. Supergreen powders are notable for their long lists of ingredients, but even by those standards, Green Vibrance manages to stand out!

The ingredients list is so long that it’s difficult to talk about it all. Some of the more notable features of Green Vibrance are its 25 billion probiotics, 2730 mg of plant-based nutrition, 14 antioxidants, and six cereal grass varieties per serving.

If you take a closer look at the ingredients of Green Vibrance, you’ll notice that they are broken down into various sections. This includes cereal grasses, plant-based micro-nutrition, antioxidant life preservers, adaptogens, fiber, liver support, enzymes and tonics, and probiotics.

Green Vibrance is full of healthy ingredients, and we are quite impressed with this extensive formula. One of the main benefits of super green powders is their ability to fit a lot of nutrition into a condensed powder, and Green Vibrance is one of the most impressive powders in this regard. The ingredient list is packed and offers benefits that address a wide range of nutritional areas.

The Company

Green Vibrance was launched in 1992 by Vibrant Health. The formula has won many awards and remains one of America’s top-selling superfoods. The company maintains a focus on sourcing high-quality ingredients and applies rigorous standards to manufacturing the powder.

Vibrant Health uses natural hand-sourced ingredients, fully discloses each ingredient on the label, and continues to update their formulas as Science evolves. Vibrant Health focuses not only on the formula itself but on sourcing and processing the ingredients in such a way that the nutritional value stays consistent throughout the entire process.

Vibrant Health also works with Vitamin Angels, a non-profit that works to provide vitamins to mothers and to children under five who are at risk of malnutrition.

The Taste & Texture

When it comes to any green supplement, the taste may not be something you look forward to. We won’t sugarcoat it, none of these products taste exceptionally good. They are very much focused on nutrition above all else.

That said, Green Vibrance is pretty good as far as super green powders go. Green Vibrance also comes in a chocolate coconut flavor, which cuts a bit of the grassy taste. This powder is meant to be diluted into a drink or into water to hide the taste as much as possible.

Green Vibrance has a grassy, earthy taste that is typical to most green powders.


  • Well-rounded ingredients list
  • Packed with antioxidants, plant-based nutrition, and probiotics
  • Reputable, award-winning company


  • Taste leaves a little to be desired

Things to Consider Before Buying

Knowing how to shop for these products is key to ensure you are getting proper value for your money. Here are some factors to consider in buying any green powder:


We’ve included taste on this list, but it’s really most important to consider one thing when it comes to the taste of green powders – you probably won’t like it that much! Truth be told, the taste is mostly just something you put up with when it comes to green powders. Unless it is heavily flavored with sweeteners, these powders generally have a pretty grassy, earthy flavor. It’s a unique taste, and most people don’t enjoy it that much.

These products are meant to be heavily diluted. You can mix them into a smoothie, or overpower it with your favorite drink. There are ways to disguise the taste if it matters that much to you.

Above all, just know what to expect going in. Green powders emphasize nutritional value over flavor!

Nutritional Value

Speaking of nutritional value, it’s probably the most important factor in any greens powder.

While all these products fall broadly under the category of a green powder, many of them contain very different ingredients. The formula that makes up the powder differs quite a bit from powder to powder. When shopping for a super green powder, pay close attention to the ingredients lists and benefits touted by the product.

Most of the time, the manufacturer divides the ingredients list into sections. For example, they group all the vegetable ingredients, as well as the probiotics ingredients, grass ingredients, etc. This makes the ingredients list a lot simpler to read, especially considering there are often upwards of 100 ingredients! If you have difficulty understanding what all these ingredients do, this is a good place to start.

Manufacturing Standards

Another thing to pay close attention to is the reputability of the manufacturer. When it comes to supplements manufacturers, the quality can vary quite a bit. This is especially true of green powders because so much of the nutritional value of the powder can be lost in the processing stage of production.

The ingredients are essentially being distilled and concentrated into a powder. If this process is not done properly, much of the nutritional value can be lost, resulting in a powder that isn’t all it claims to be.

The most important takeaway from this is to buy from a reputable manufacturer, one with rigorous quality control standards, and one that has its products third party tested. Overall, if a product is well-reviewed, highly trusted, and award-winning, then it’s a good sign that the manufacturer is trustworthy.

Features & Benefits of Green Vibrance

Now that we’ve examined what to look for in a super greens powder, let’s see whether Green Vibrance stands up to these criteria. Next, we’ll give you the top features and benefits of Green Vibrance, so that you may decide whether this product is right for you.

The Ingredients

As noted above, one of the main selling points of any green powder is the ingredients. We think that Green Vibrance has a formula that is very impressive and stacks up against any green powder quite well.

Green Vibrance has one of the most extensive ingredients lists of any green powder on the market. It puts a heavy focus on probiotics, plant-based ingredients, and antioxidants. We especially like that Green Vibrance continues to update the formula as new nutritional science is developed.

Overall, we continue to be impressed with this formula. It emphasizes so many different areas. It’s packed full of nutritional foods and ingredients. 25 billion probiotics, 2730 mg of plant nutrition, and 14 antioxidants are found in each serving.

To find the ideal blend for yourself, you have to compare the ingredient list with your personal dietary goals. We think that Green Vibrance is a great place to start, but we examine other alternatives below.



Green powders are not generally known for how they taste. This is the unfortunate reality of this product. With so many healthy ingredients packed into one product, you are left with a product that does not focus on taste. The result is a product that is earthy, grassy, and that some would describe as a dirt-like flavor.

When it comes to green powders, though, we certainly think that Green Vibrance has a comparably good taste. The flavor isn’t quite as strong as other green powders, and it’s a bit milder and more natural. The texture is a bit less chalky as well.

So, while we can’t say that this green powder is delicious, we can say that it holds up pretty well. The most important part is finding a recipe to disguise the taste well. We recommend a tasty green smoothie!

Green Vibrance Manufacturing

Manufacturing Standards

When it comes to supplements, finding a reputable manufacturer can be a bit of a mixed bag. The idea here is to find a manufacturer that you can trust. Green powders need to be processed correctly so that they maintain the nutritional value of their raw ingredients. Additionally, these raw ingredients need to be properly selected and sourced.

Luckily, none of this is a concern with Green Vibrance. The company has been around since 1992, and much of this success can be attributed to its attention to detail in the manufacturing process, and its hand-sourcing of all ingredients.

Trust is a key component of green powders, and we think that this company is trustworthy and highly legitimate!


Shopping for super green powders can be pretty complicated. A glance at the ingredients list on any powder will show you that there’s a lot to consider. You might find yourself quickly overwhelmed, and unsure where to even start.

We think that Green Vibrance is well worth your consideration. The blend itself is excellent. It was one of the original green powders, and there’s a reason its popularity still holds up today. The ingredients list is extensive and provides a variety of different benefits. They continue to update the ingredients following the newest nutritional science.

But the most important reason we’d recommend Green Vibrance is the company itself. They hold themselves to extremely high standards. Special care is put into hand-selecting each ingredient, and the manufacturing process is highly controlled to maintain the nutritional value of the base ingredients.

As far as greens powders go, this is one of the best ones out there. And if you aren’t sold on Green Vibrance, check out any of the alternatives we provided!