Reviewing the Best Greens Powders of 2021

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In this article, we’re looking at one of the hottest supplements on the market – super green powder. Supergreen powder, also known as green or greens powder, is a supplement that packs a punch of nutrients into a small, condensed package. We’re looking at the best green powders, and taking you through a full buyer’s guide to help you figure out which is the best one for you.

Best Green Powder Brand

What is a Greens Powder?

Before we check out our favorites, let’s quickly explain what green powder is. Green powder is a method of supplementing your meals to reach your daily fruit, vegetable, and nutritional intake.

These green powders are condensed powders that are packed full of ingredients containing various vitamins and nutrients. Many brands have different formulas, but they often include ingredients from vegetables, leafy greens, fruits, berries, herbs, mushrooms, rice, and more.

These ingredients are condensed into powders that are meant to be added to liquids to drink. There are often notable differences in taste and texture.

Let’s check out some of the top green powders on the market and what makes each so special.

1. Super Greens Powder

Super Greens Powder

We’ll start with Super Greens Powder. This powder is a great choice. It’s a very well-rounded product, full of beneficial ingredients, and it tastes great. Plus, it contains over 40 nourishing ingredients and is extremely nutrient-rich and dense. We’re starting our list with this product because it’s a great example of an all-around great greens powder.

This powder focuses on four unique blends. First, there is the organic greens blend, which is full of leafy greens and organic vegetables (spinach, grass, cabbage, broccoli, etc.). Then there is the antioxidant blend, which contains many ingredients full of antioxidants (agave, carrot, beet, goji berry extract, etc). The Probiotic 10 Billion CFU Blend helps with digestion and gut health. And finally, there is the digestive enzyme blend that contains further ingredients to help with digestive health.

That’s a lot to take in! But just know that this powder is packed with nutritious materials, and you get the benefit of all of them in one heaping scoop.

It’s clear that Super Greens also put special focus on the flavor, ensuring it doesn’t have the typical dirt-like grassy taste of traditional greens powders. It’s sweetened with Stevia, and it tastes great.

Overall, this is a greens powder you can be happy with, and it sells so well for a reason. Super  Greens Powder is fairly priced for 30 servings of super greens, but a little on the expensive side.


  • Beneficial ingredients separated into 4 special “blends”
  • Tastes great


  • A little expensive

2. Nested Super Greens

Nested Super Greens

Next is Nested Super Greens, another very popular greens blend. This is a 100% organic, non-GMO, and vegan option.

We love this mixture of greens. It contains a ton of good stuff, but there are some notable highlights. The specific mix focuses on boosting your energy levels with a mix of raw greens, enzymes, probiotics, fiber, and phytonutrients and is also a great source of Vitamin C.

This is a solid superfood greens powder, and Nested is so confident, it has a money-back guarantee for life. Everything is third-party tested to ensure quality.


  • Great blend for boost of energy
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • Only 30 servings

3. BEST OVERALL: Amazing Grass Green Powder

Amazing Grass Green Powder

Amazing Grass is a very popular brand for superfood greens. We like this brand so much that we highlight several of their offerings throughout our list!

This specific product is the Super Green blend, which is their original formula and probably the most popular. It is about as basic a greens powder as you could find, but we don’t mean that in a bad way at all. It focuses on fruits and veggies, with each scoop containing two full servings of each!

The powder contains a unique mixture of four different blends. The big focus is on the organic green food blend, which makes up the majority of the mixture. Then there is the antioxidant blend and the fiber blend. Finally, there’s the digestive enzyme and probiotic blend. That’s four targeted areas in one scoop!

Amazing Grass owes its popularity to this blend. If you’re looking for a mixture that heavily emphasizes fruits & veggies, then this one is it.

The taste is about what you’d expect from a green foods powder. It’s nothing special, and there’s no sugar added, but that’s by design as it’s supposed to be mixed into drinks.

This product is also an excellent value! It has 60 servings, and it’s priced comparably to many competitors that only offer 30 servings per package. There’s a lot to like here!


  • 2 servings fruit & veggies per scoop
  • Excellent value


  • Taste isn’t great (like most greens powders)

4. Organic Greens

Organic Greens

Here’s another great greens powder. Purely Inspired claims to be America’s #1 fastest growing supplement brand.

This powder packs 39 superfoods into each scoop. There are vegetables, fruits, seed grains, sprouts, grasses, vitamins, minerals, and probiotics. The entire ingredient list is a lot longer than that, but it’s all really good stuff.

This blend is certified USDA Organic, gluten-free, Non-GMO, and (of course) vegan friendly! There’s a lot to feel good about here.

The one downside is that the package is pretty small. It only contains 24 servings, but it’s priced relatively low, all things considered. Frequently replacing the bottle might become tedious, though.


  • Great mix of superfoods
  • Trusted brand


  • Package is too small

5. Green Vibrance

Green Vibrance

Green Vibrance is a greens powder that focuses heavily on digestion. There are 25+ billion probiotics from 12 different strains and added enzymes to strengthen digestion. If you’re looking for a greens powder for gut health, this is probably the best one out there.

Aside from that, there’s a lot to like about this brand. It’s a multi-award winning brand, so its quality is legit. It states that they carefully source and supply each ingredient so that the quality and purity is consistent.

This is a solid choice. The ingredient list is long and impressive and contains many ingredients to support digestion as well as overall health. It’s a little pricey, but you do get 60 servings in a bottle.


  • Digestion-focused greens powder
  • Great source of probiotics


  • Expensive

6. Organifi Powder

Organifi Powder

Organifi Green Juice is a superfood powder with an impressive list of ingredients. It contains two main blends in its formula.

First, there’s the alkaline greens blend. This contains wheatgrass, horseradish tea, chlorella, and more. Then, there is the superfood blend, which contains various superfoods such as coconut, ashwagandha, turmeric.

Overall, it’s a solid blend if your main focus is injecting your diet with superfoods. The ingredient list is not quite as extensive as some of the other powders on our list, but sometimes you just want to focus on certain areas.

Organifi claims that this is best to take in the morning as it will provide you with energy to start your day. It comes in a three-pack, which is intended to be a three-month supply. Even so, it’s pretty expensive!


  • Great mix of superfoods
  • Good for morning use


  • Expensive

7. The Genius Brand Greens

The Genius Brand Greens

The Genius Brand makes greens for, you guessed it, your brain!

These greens claim to contain double the meaningful ingredients per serving. While this is a little difficult to verify, the ingredient list is pretty impressive.

Genius Greens contains a great mixture of superfoods powders and greens. Some of the other ingredients include spinach, broccoli sprouts, and kale powder. The result is a greens mixture with benefits typical to a superfood powder. It is rich in antioxidants, fiber, and more.

The cognitive benefits are derived from Lion’s Mane mushrooms and blueberries that allegedly support cognitive function and brain wellness.

Overall, this is a solid greens powder, and the added ingredients for cognitive benefits are a plus. It is definitely on the pricier end, though, and each bottle only contains 20 servings.


  • Great greens mixture
  • Lion’s mane mushrooms and blueberries for their cognitive benefits


  • Expensive

8. Beyond Greens Concentrated Superfood Powder

Beyond Greens Concentrated Superfood Powder

Beyond Greens prides itself on being a not-your-average green drink. This blend contains many ingredients that are unique to the formula and are not found in many other options on our list. Some notable ingredients include the mushroom blend, which features lion’s mane, reishi, and turkey tail mushroom. There is also a nice probiotic blend, which contains Bacillus coagulans. We also like the mix of echinacea, Rhodiola & milk thistle. When taken together, these are meant to have detoxifying effects that can improve concentration.

Overall, we like all the unique ingredients in this blend. It has a lot of good stuff that you won’t find in many other options on our list. As long as you aren’t expecting a traditional superfood fruit and veggie blend, we think you’ll enjoy this product.

To top it all off, this recipe contains matcha, which gives it a unique flavor that many people love. It doesn’t taste like the typical greens powder, and it’s up to you whether that’s a good thing! 


  • Unique ingredients produce unique benefits
  • Matcha flavor


  • Not as much of an emphasis on fruit & veggies

9. BEST VALUE: Teami Greens

Teami Greens

This is another superfood powder we like. It focuses on using real ingredients to support energy levels and regular digestion. The formula contains 16 superfoods that pack a good amount of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Some highlights include wheatgrass, spirulina, spinach, and chlorella.

Teami put a special emphasis on taste and texture with this blend. It specifically avoids the chalky, dirt-like flavor of other greens powders, and focuses on making a smooth powder with a great taste. It has a light, fresh taste, which is a little similar to green tea.

Overall, this is a solid superfood blend and a real standout because of its taste. Additionally, the price is excellent.


  • 16 superfood blend
  • Great taste


  • There are more extensive superfood blends

10. BEST PREMIUM: Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens have a fitness focus that is made clear from the name. The ultimate daily blend takes a wide focus on all sorts of ingredients necessary to maintain a healthy and active fitness level.

This blend has 75 vitamins, minerals, and whole-food-sourced ingredients. It’s a very well-blended powder. We don’t have space to list all the ingredients here, but it’s composed of four main blends – superfood complex blend, herbs & antioxidants blend, enzyme & super mushroom blend, and probiotics blend. Overall, it’s one of the more impressive formulas we looked at.

We’re equally impressed with the company itself. Athletic Greens is manufactured in New Zealand and is TGA-registered and Good Manufacturing Practice Certified. It exceeds FDA guidelines. It doesn’t use harmful chemicals, artificial colors, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, or added sugar. This is an all-natural blend that you can be confident about!

Overall, this super impressive blend was made according to safe, ethical standards. The price tag is steep, but that’s why it gets our best premium option.


  • Excellent blend of superfoods and greens
  • Made according to rigorous quality standards


  • Very expensive

11. Amazing Grass Green Energy Powder

Amazing Grass Green Energy Powder

We had to round out this list with another one from one of our favorite brands – Amazing Grass!

This is its energy formula. The blend contains its traditional mixture of farm-fresh greens and fruits & veggies. It’s an excellent greens powder in its own right, but it gives an extra kick of energy with Yerba Mate and Matcha Green Tea which contain 85mg of natural caffeine.

If you’re looking for a greens powder with that extra kick, this is the one for you! Just be sure that you’re aware of the caffeine content as it might not be something you are expecting from a greens powder.

Another awesome feature of this product is that it contains 100 servings! That’s the most out of any product on this list.


  • Great superfood powder
  • Contains natural caffeine
  • 100 servings


  • Not for non-caffeine users

Buyer’s Guide

Before we wrap up, here’s a full buyer’s guide about super green powders. We’ll cover some of the top questions and the top factors you should consider in your purchase decision.

Green Powders vs. Vegetables

One of the most commonly asked questions about super green powders is how they stack up against fruits and veggies. While the research is not fully complete, the consensus is that super greens, while beneficial, are not a substitute for fruit and vegetables overall.

While greens powders do provide certain benefits, they are still intended as a supplement, which means they are meant to supplement a healthy lifestyle, not replace an entire part of your diet.

A large part of this difference is that greens powders are the processed versions of vegetables and fruits. While green powders do contain a wide variety of beneficial vitamins and nutrients, they can’t stack up against the natural version of these nutrients which are found in the real deal. Many important nutrients, such as fiber, can be lost during the processing. And while green powders still retain many important ingredients, it remains important to eat real vegetables and fruits, too.

There is also the risk that these powders provide us with a false sense of security. By drinking greens powders, we might be overconfident in all the nutrients we are getting and cut corners in other parts of our diet. It is important to remember that this is not the role of these supplements.

The bottom line is that there are benefits to both greens powders and fruits and vegetables. Don’t view it as a competition, see it as two components working together to help you meet your nutritional goals. Greens powders contain many benefits that can supplement a healthy diet.

Things to Consider Before Buying

There’s no denying it, greens powders are complicated foods. Some of them have lists of ingredients that seem to never end. How can you sift through all this information and make the right choice for you? We’re giving you the top factors for making your decision. Use these factors to make the best choice among all the brands above.

Price vs. Quality

When it comes to supplements, price is a major consideration, and it can vary widely. Some products cost hundreds of dollars! It’s important to consider price in your decision, but we think the better metric is price versus quality. Decide on the price range you are comfortable with, and try to find the best quality within that price range. Use our list above to get started.

Also, don’t forget to check the number of servings in each bottle. Some brands might seem inexpensive, but it’s because they are only selling a small number of supplements.


Taste is another big consideration. We won’t lie, greens powders don’t taste great. Some people don’t mind the taste, but you’ll find few people saying they are delicious. The main factors that influence taste are texture and freshness. Many powders on our list put specific emphasis on avoiding the chalky texture of green powders. Additionally, some were flavored with things such as matcha or cocoa. We think this makes a big difference, but it ultimately comes down to preference.


We’d like to say that you should evaluate all the ingredients before making your decision, but that can be a complicated process. There are so many ingredients in each bottle that it’s impossible to evaluate everything.

We think a better metric is to evaluate the focus of each brand. The ingredients are typically separated by blend, divided into categories so you can understand the main components of each brand.

For example, fruit & veggie blend, antioxidant blend, probiotic blend, etc. This is a much simpler way to understand the ingredients in each container. Compare these blends against your nutritional goals to decide which greens powder is best for you!

Reputability of Supplier

One of the main factors in producing effective greens powder is processing. Simply put, if the processing is not done correctly, many nutrients and valuable components of the raw ingredients are lost. This is why it’s so important to buy your greens powders from a reputable supplier. Check their manufacturing standards and read customer reviews to be sure they are a trusted brand. Make sure that you are buying a quality product because that is a huge factor of whether a greens powder is effective.

All of the factors in this section weighed heavily in putting together our list above. We don’t think you can go wrong with any product of the products we chose, but read carefully to see which product best meets your needs. 

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