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Welcome to Vie de la Vegan! Where all things sprout from that good ol’ vegan lifestyle. Are you a vegan through and through, or just love to add plant-based power to your diet, your personal care and your eco foot-print? Whichever it is, we welcome you to this abundant go-to-resource for vegan-inspired living, rooted in tried and tested experience and trustworthy research. 

A search that bears fruit 

Around here we’re bursting with creative flair and inspired by wholesome goodness, all the way. Branching out into all aspects of vegan lifestyle, we bring you carefully selected, top recommendations fit for your health, vitality, and good conscience. We shine a light on what we value most: natural ingredients, high ethical and sustainable standards, and quality sources. Our passion and commitment mean we take our role seriously, so that you can enjoy a fruitful search, personalized to you.

At a loss in the kitchen? Never again.

Step right up, for our delicious vegan recipes that hit just the right flavors, presented with that dash of artisanal love and pride. Our experienced recipe developers (headed up by our chief culinary chef, Ligia Riley) perfect all sorts of delectables and deliver fresh new ideas packed with beginner and pro tips. Boost your repertoire of vegan meals, breakfasts, snacks, and deserts and complement them with our homemade dressings, sauces and spreads. Fill those kiddie lunchboxes with vegan delights and check all those personal boxes like raw food, cultural or seasonal cuisines and gluten or wheat free alternatives. 

Lifestyle is a series of choices

It’s all about lifestyle and we’re here to support in all it’s different vegan facets. Whether it be lifestyle and personal care products, dietary supplements, or the latest in food preparation techniques and tools, our energetic team (fueled by green goodness) is here to empower and inform on the best in plant-based choices.

Driving all this is the Vie de la Vegan team of research experts, and specialists. Top product recommendations, buyer’s- guides, expert reviews and product comparisons distill features and information most important for you. Here, you can easily weigh up essential pros and cons and quickly hone-in on brands and products uniquely suited to you. 

Trust is key

We make no sacrifices in our research or quest for transparency and credibility.  Our guides and recommendations highlight ingredients, company and manufacturing practices and health and medical professional backings and certifications. Trust in your browsing experience, is our mission. We may receive commission on purchases or clicks through to valued vegan sites. 

Above and beyond, what drives every minute spent on research and recommendations, is that we value health, we value ethics, and we value you. May your search be fruitful.