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vegan chickpea tostadas with avocado cream
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Chipotle Chickpea Tostadas

Tostadas are tortillas that have been toasted or fried until crispy before they’re piled with toppings. These tostadas are topped with crispy spiced chickpeas, crunchy slaw, and a whipped avocado crema that puts a delicious vegan spin on taco night! This is the perfect light dinner for two but can be easily doubled to feed …

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Vegan Baked Spring Rolls

Interestingly, veganism does have some origins in Chinese history. Taoism (a Chinese religious tradition) required monks and nuns to restrict their diet to a mainly plant-based one – mostly they were vegetarians, some were pescatarians, and others were vegan, depending on what food was available locally. Taoists and Buddhists also would eat only vegan Chinese foods on …

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Cheesy Leek Vegan Quiche

The idea for this cheesy vegan quiche struck me, and the first attempt turned out soooo good. I’ve tried numerous variations, but I love the simplicity of using leek as the sole vegetable in this quiche. It’s also quite child-friendly. I also love using other vegetables in this quiche too. Capsicum, leek and broccoli made …

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Wild Herb & Quinoa Sushi

Quinoa sushi with herbs, radish and avocado. Quinoa sushi I usually just add avocado to my sushi but when I make sushi for myself, I love to add radishes. They add a peppery flavour, a bit of heat – plus it’s a great way to use some radishes from my garden (they are fast growers!). …

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Mexican Pizza

For my fusion challenge, I decided to make things easy and simply combine two of my favourite cuisines: Italian and Mexican. My favourite Italian dish? Pizza, of course. And my favourite Mexican dish? Nachos <3 So I combined them. Well, I made a Mexican pizza…with ingredients inspired by what I would normally use for nachos. …

Spider Pizzas | Halloween Vegan Food | Vie De La Vegan
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Spider Pizzas

These pizzas are a spooky twist on a kid’s favourite meal. While they may seem like a bit of extra effort, these pizzas are truly simplistic with only two toppings – a cashew cheese “web” and olive “spiders”. To make the web, I used a gooey cashew cheese and piped it onto the pizza using …