Category: Desserts


Christmas Pudding [No-Bake, Vegan, Gluten-Free]

This Christmas pudding is: super easy to make only 5 ingredients HEALTHY naturally sweetened with fruit no-bake gluten-free vegan The hardest part is leaving it overnight to set! You could probably leave it for a minimum of 3 hours if you really can’t wait 😉 I served our Christmas pudding with coconut cream and cherries. […]


Strawberry nicecream with chocolate macadamias

I made the chocolate covered macadamias by coating the macadamias in a raw chocolate and let them set in the fridge. I’d never had chocolate covered macadamias before but this will definitely be something I’m going to make again, we loved these crunchy chocolatey nuts! And the strawberry nicecream was as easy as blending frozen […]

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