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Watermelon Nicecream

One night I decided to freeze some watermelon chunks to make some watermelon nicecream in the morning. Best. Idea. Ever. I simply blended up some frozen deseeded watermelon with a bit of coconut cream and lime juice, and it was super tasty! A very cool breakfast 😀 you could add some sweetener if you like (maple …

Main Meals

Vegan Baked Spring Rolls

Interestingly, veganism does have some origins in Chinese history. Taoism (a Chinese religious tradition) required monks and nuns to restrict their diet to a mainly plant-based one – mostly they were vegetarians, some were pescatarians, and others were vegan, depending on what food was available locally. Taoists and Buddhists also would eat only vegan Chinese foods on …


Fairy Magic Nicecream

While all those colours might look a little scary, let me assure you of two things: This is ALL NATURAL (no artificial colours in sight!). This is REALLY EASY to make. Promise. I started off by making my 3 different nicecream colours. Bananas and beetroot for pink. Bananas and blueberries for purple. Bananas and spirulina …

Main Meals

Cheesy Leek Vegan Quiche

The idea for this cheesy vegan quiche struck me, and the first attempt turned out soooo good. I’ve tried numerous variations, but I love the simplicity of using leek as the sole vegetable in this quiche. It’s also quite child-friendly. I also love using other vegetables in this quiche too. Capsicum, leek and broccoli made …


Basil & Pear Smoothie Bowl

Basil is best known as a culinary herb with it’s unique kind-of-sweet flavour. Apart from being really delicious, basil is also a rich source of vitamin K and contains small amounts of other vitamins and minerals. Basil can also be used as a herbal medicine for a range of conditions: expel intestinal worms relieve stomach cramps …

Banana Choc Chip Cookies | vegan, only 5 ingredients |

Banana Choc Chip Cookies

Armed with a couple of overripe bananas and a few other pantry ingredients, I whipped up these easy vegan banana choc chip cookies. Banana choc chip cookies I used oat flour for these cookies, as it’s my go-to flour…it’s cheap and easy to make your own in a high speed blender / food processor, and …